stop garnishments immediately

Stop Garnishments Immediately

Has your paycheque or bank account been garnished?  We know how awful it can feel to find out that you’ve been paid less than you expected or that a creditor has reached into your bank account and seized your money.

Unfortunately, it’s a common problem for many of our clients.  The good news is that we can help.  Only licensed Trustees in Bankruptcy, like those at Welker and Company, are able to stop creditor actions, including garnishments, immediately.

Filing a Consumer Proposal or assignment in Bankruptcy initiates what’s called a “Stay of Proceedings”.  This legal jargon means that your creditors’ collection efforts are stayed, or paused.  Your Trustee will notify your employer and bank of the stay of proceedings thereby stopping any future garnishments against you immediately.

Neither a Consumer Proposal or assignment in Bankruptcy are temporary solutions.  By completing either process you erase your debt and leave your creditors with nothing to collect thereby stopping collection calls, statements of claim, and having your paycheque or bank account garnished.

If you’re experiencing the frustration of having your bank account or paycheque garnished, Call Us at (416) 246-7771.  We take a caring approach to understanding your unique personal situation during our free, no-obligation consultations at any of our six locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  We’ll explain your options and provide you with relief from you creditors.

Click either of the following links to learn more about Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposals.  Never hesitate to contact us.  We’re here to help.

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